Routine Status new iphone App

I don’t find a place in the new iphone app to check my current mode except by looking at the messages. The old app showed whether I was at home, away or it was in night mode! I can pull the home screen down and it shows the mode in the picture at the lower left but it does not record the actual mode it is currently in. As another suggestion it would be nice if the routines had some feedback to show the current mode (i.e. maybe frame the icon … if the mode is home a black box or some change should show that that routine is active).

This is a known issue whereby the correct current status is not reflected in the app till you kill the app and reopen. Please open a new ticket to bump this in support’s priority list and so that they are aware of affected users. Intermittent but for me always incorrect state shown when it transitions from Night to Home in the mornings.

Thanks Ron,

I did send this issue to support!

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