Routine / Smart Lights - 5% increments

I was just on chat with support. Am I the only one that wants/needs 5% increments in Smart Lights or the Good Night routine? I really need my lights to come on at dusk at 5%. My soffit lights are WAY too bright at 10%.

Install #core


I am an old time IT guy, and have done a bunch of custom stuff with Groovy and IDE, but I click the Core link you posted and don’t see what I need. Mind elaborating a little?

That was if you wanted to learn about what CoRE can do for you. If you are like me and want to get to the bottom first, then…

I would like to see the stock apps built by Smartthings in 5% increments also. You have my vote. Sometimes 5% is too bright.

I have resorted to writing some code because of this. The beauty with your own code is that you can even have 1% increments.