SmartThings routine dimmer option doesn't go below 10%

I’m using the Goodnight routine to dim my kitchen lights at 11:00pm but I can’t set it to any level below 10% as the only options are 10%, 20%, 30%, …etc. is there a smart app that works similar to the Goodnight routine or maybe we can get the app updated to be able to adjust from 1%-100%?

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Many inexpensive zwave dimmers, including the GE, won’t reliably dim below 10%. (More expensive switches which use a different kind of engineering can). That said, smart bulbs certainly will, so it is a little surprising that the official smart lighting feature stops at 10. But it does.

Anyway, Core will allow you to set the dim level below 10%. Whether it will work or not will depend on the combination of bulbs, switch, and fixture.

Awesome! I’ll mess around with core as well. In the minutes since posting I’ve downloaded IFTTT and created an on and off applet based on time. I’ve found if I preset the zwave dimmer to 1% using smartthings and keep it at 1% the IFTTT will turn the switch on at that preset(aka last known dimming level). It works for my situation but it would be convenient to add the 1%-100% dimming setting for the Smarthings app routines as an option for others.

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You can also use Gentle Wake Up in the Smart apps marketplace. You can have it dim or get brighter to whatever dimness level you need.

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True. But that app will just fade up lights over a period of time. What the OP wants is to dim down the lights overnight :slight_smile:

You can use it to dim also. I have it set to dim from whatever they are currently set at to 1% over a few minutes for movies.

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I think I understand what you mean. Yeah I also looked into gentle wake up but I wanted it set to a certain dim level between the hours of 11pm to about sunrise at 6am. I can see where your idea for gentle wake up would be useful. Set the dim from off to 1% at 11pm and set the dim to 1% to off at 6am. Here’s my current setup on IFTTT.

If 10pm turn on kitchen bar lights (switch is preset to dim at 1%)

If sunrise turn off kitchen bar lights