Best way to set light after lux

(Simon) #1

What is the best way/smartapp to set my bulbs level depending on the lux measured by my multisensor?

So if there is motion and:

  • it’s very cloudy and therefore dark, I want 80% lights
  • it’s a little clody but some brightness, then 40% lights
  • it’s extreme sunny and I dont need lights, then dont turn on

And possible something in the middle of these.
What the the best/ and coolest way of handling this?

I guess I could use the “Smart lightning” app, but I just forsee it’s going to be clunky.

(James Yeo) #2

Well, if you wanna dive right in to perfecting custom rules for your home… I recommend

It just hit beta and is running smooth for me… I’ve been using it a few weeks now.

(Ray) #3

You can use the ST smart lighting smartapp for this as well. It’s very basic but should be enough for what you want and local processing if qualified but I agree about CoRE smartapp for sure. I am slowly switching everything over to CoRE as well.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

have a look at autoDimmer, just another way of managing this…