Routine logic

Regarding a philosophy for routine logic. Do you prefer a routine that has one trigger and multiple actions (at sundown turn on several lights, change mode to night, arm shm) or several single action routines (at sundown separate routines one to turn on porch light, another to turn on deck light, another to change mode from home to night, and so on)

It just depends on the details. Be aware that you have a limit of a total of 200 routines. And there are also limits on the number of actions that any one routine can take. Also, routines with too many actions may time out.

In general, though, I don’t try to get too complicated. I give each use case its own routine unless I hit the maximum. In other words if when I get home I expect the door to unlock, the porch light to turn on, and the entry light to come on, I would tend to put that all into one routine. But it’s really just a matter of personal choice until you hit one of the limits. :sunglasses:

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I like that, but, if one device fails, or is some way marked as offline does the whole routien fail?

For groups of actions that I know I’m going to frequently repeat, I’ll create a scene. Then if I want to automate that scene, I add it to a routine.