CanIdo multiple functions in 1 routine

I’m new to this, so I’m trying to get started. Can I do a routine that does many function? When I go out of town, I want to have an out of town Routine that does many functions.

For Example:
Turn on the garage light at 7pm. Turn it off at 7:15 pm. Turn it back on at 9pm. Turn it off at 9:15pm
Turn on the living room light at 7:30 pm. Off at 9pm. On at 11pm. Off at 1 am.
Turn on the kitchen light at 8pm. Off at 8:30 pm. On at 9pm. Off at 10pm.

You get the idea. Any advice would be appreciated.



One routine can do multiple actions, for example turn some lights on, others off, and lock the door.

But a single routine can’t do multiple actions on one device at different times. You need multiple routines with each one triggered to run at a specific time.

Note that if all the actions you want to happen are lights turning on and off, you can use the smartlighting smartapp as well. You can create multiple automations for each action you want to have happen at those various times.

Edit: if you only want these things to happen when you’re away, then you’d use a routine to set the mode to away, and then in all of your other lighting automations, you can restrict them to only occur in away mode. The routine that sets the hub into away mode could be triggered manually by you in the mobile app, or you could use a presence sensor (but then the routine would run every time you leave your house, not just when you’re going out of town).