Routine for Ecobee Thermostat

So I was excited to see I could make a routine for my Ecobee3 whereby I could chose the heat source for the specific time of day. Long story but I wanted to use my Aux heat (NG) during times of high electricity costs (TOU).

Unfortunately the allotted time frame I gave it lapsed and the Thermostat stayed on Aux. I then tried to create a second routine to turn the command back over to the Ecobee but there was no option for regular heat, Heat pump in my case.

So I’ve since disconnected that Home Assistant can call for Regular Heat (heat pump in my case)

The strange thing is how these two automation services act in thr opposite way.

ST can call for Aux Heat but not Regular Heat
HA can call for Regular Heat but not Aux.

I have yet to integrate ST into HA as the simple method is subscriber based and the free on is beyond my compression right now

For now i have both services running.