"Routine Director" functionality should be available... in the Routines!

I am a fan of not making things any more complicated than they need to be. One use case I have is for the “I’m back” routine to properly set Home or Night mode appropriately, based on the sunset. The routine itself allows you to only set one possible mode. I thought, OK, well then I’ll make two separate routines! An “I’m Back - Day” and “I’m Back - Night”, but then this doesn’t work either because your automatic options based on sunset/sunrise are only AT sunset or sunrise, not before/after sunset or sunrise (the way you can do so in Routine Director).

I don’t like the idea of having to disable the automatic trigger built into my Routines in favor of a separate app that will drive them. Why is this functionality just not build into the core Routine automation? At the very least, the sunset/sunrise options should provide a before/after sunrise/sunset option.