Unable to find "Routine Director" smartapp

(Mike Wright) #1


I was planning get to try out Tim Slagle’s Home Phrase Director smartapp when I noticed that it has been superseded by the published app Routine Director.

I can’t seem to find that app in my marketplace. I found a thread that mentioned it being missing but the discussion got a bit off track so I thought I would ask again.

I have seen people post screen shots of the marketplace on their phones that shoe the app, but it does not appear on mine!

Is it a location issue perhaps (I am in the UK)

Any ideas?

Many thanks

(Chris) #2

I’m not sure if this is the most recent version, but if it’s missing from your pre-installed smartapps, you can try to add it from github:

(Mike Wright) #3


I tried the version that you linked and it does install and seem to work.

However it still only accepts zipcodes! Any attempt to input something that is not a valid zipcode is rejected.

Unfortunately I set other things up before finding this out and I have deleted some of my old routines and I now need to try and get things back working again!

Does anyone know why I am not able to find the correct version of Routine Director which I was led to believe will accept a postcode rather than a zipcode? Or have I misunderstood somwhere along the line and it is just not possible for Smartapps to calculate sunset/rise without a US Zipcode?

Many thanks

(Bobby) #4

Tagging Tim @slagle he may know more about this…

(Tim Slagle) #5

Fixed the issue locally for myself. Will be published in the next release cycle. I’ll check to see why it isn’t available in the UK.

(Mike Wright) #6


Thanks - that’s great.

Any idea how long the release cycle takes? I would really like to get this working asap as I have made other changes anticipating that it would work!!

Many thanks

(Joel) #7

Can you fix it for Australia as well? I know were not official and all but we like technology too :wink:

I regularly get told off by the app for not having routine director installed from the market place.

(Tim Slagle) #8

About two weeks. But, here is some code that can get it working for you right away.

Should work for everyone.

(Mike Wright) #9


Great! That works fine for me now!

Many thanks

(Phil Lisotta) #10

Is there a way to add an adjustment to the sunset/sunrise? I’m looking to switch to night modes 15 minutes before sundown and switch to day modes 15 minutes after sunrise. I guess I could try a zipcode that is about 15 minutes East of me, but that would only help my sundown and hurt my sunrise.

(Joel) #11

Routine director doesn’t let you enter a non US zip in still :frowning: