Roomba garage

What have people done with their Roombas? Has anyone made a garage like this:


Wow, someone has a lot of free time on their hands…

I like it, I bet that was fun.

The roombas and docks fit under most of my furniture. Sometimes I stick the docks under the bed and couches, and they just recede and go to sleep until the next schedule. The only issue is remembering to empty them every 3-4 weeks because they are out of sight.

Son of Zorg :smiley:

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Very Cool! I have always wondered, do they clean well or are they just a gadget?

@beckwith That looks awesome. I would love to do something like that :smile:

@aimc I found them to clean pretty well, The early models had problems with battery life when expected to clean more than one room, but the newer ones seem to be better with battery life. I would buy one again but waiting to see if Roomba or samsung will release a smart thing enabled version of roomba.

Oops, I just realized people think I did this garage. This isn’t my handy work. I found it on the Internet and was just wondering what others have done.

I got one of these for Christmas and can’t find a good place to park it. @ero4444 under the bed or couch is a good idea but mine are too short. I was thinking about building a garage under the kitchen cabinet toe kick. An interface with SmartThings would be nice to schedule and get notifications when it needs cleaning out.

These can be integrated with Smartthings using this faceplate:

@sidjohn1 created an app to integrate this.

Oh, these are VERY cool. My Roomba covers over half of our first floor. Being able to send it out multiple times thoughout the day when we are away automatically would be cool. I currently use the schedule option built-in into our Roomba, but this has more flexibility.

Now if they only made an auto-dump Roomba… (I know there are others that do this, but they are all crazy expensive)

Thanks. unfortunately the faceplate doesn’t work with my 800 series model unless I want to use duck tape.

They have something in the works for 800 series, even though their kickstarter campaign was not funded. :

@sidjohn1 post last month motivated me to add Roomba to my Christmas list, thank you.