Roomba+SmartThings+Particle Core

First off, my name is Camden Krupala. I am a Electrical Engineering student from Texas. Got my SmartThings system a couple months ago and have messing around with it ever since.

Long story short, I wanted a cheap way to integrate my Roomba into my SmartThings system so I wrote some code and made a tutorial on how to get it set up for anybody who wants to try it. It’s not anything fancy, basic “clean”, “dock”, and “stop” commands as well as switch functionality so it can be set up to trigger when people leave the house, etc. A special thanks to the Particle team who has a fantastic write up on wiring the Roomba and Core module.

Currently, I have only tested this code with the Roomba 880, though I imagine it should work well out of the box for most.

I made a Sway that will walk you through the majority of the wiring/setup. You can find it here.

If you have any questions, encounter any problems, or have suggestions, feel free to post here or email me at I will be updating this periodically over the rest of the Summer.

I’m also working on a short video to demonstrate its basic functionality!

If you like this project think about donating too. :smile:

Thanks everybody!


as soon as i get a new battery for my vacuum i’m going to try this! thanks for sharing

Mother of god…removes sunglasses…I have a(nother) weekend project!

Awesome, can’t wait to see it. Please post pics and videos when you have them.

This is pretty cool… Just out of curiosity, what does this accomplish for you though? My roomba kind of does it’s thing and I don’t think about it which is nice. Occasionally it gets lost or rams it’s charging dock 20 miles away from where it’s supposed to be but it’s one of those “self contained” solutions that I don’t see a need to take any further, and I get some crazy “problem solutions” going some nights when I’m looking at things around the house.

Needless to say I’ll be locating that port at some point… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Awesome! Where do you get said parts list?

So here are some things you will need:
-Particle Core
-Voltage Regulator (LM340T-5.0)
-Breadboard wires
-2 x 0.22 microfarad capacitors

Newbie…I can follow your instructions, but I have no idea where to get this stuff (or that it would be the right stuff). Can you possibly provide links to the specific items? I.e, is the breadboard the Photon kit + the Breadboard wires?!

Ahhh! Would love to implement your solution.



Hi Keith,

Thanks! The Roombas have a pretty straightforward scheduling function that is great for most, but as a student my schedule is anything but predictable. xD The goal is to make it less intrusive, and in order to accomplish that I had to remove the predictability that scheduling offered. At some point I would like to find and possibly tailor a SmartApp for this specific function. Something along the lines of: Given a time range in which it should run at least once, let it activate when presence is not detected or a departure event occurs.

Hi Adam,

I updated the Sway with more specifics on the items. I personally used a Particle Core, which I purchased in the kit (came with the USB and breadboard). I purchased the breadboard wires off Amazon (they make prototyping way less frustrating!). The voltage regulator and capacitors I got at my local hobby shop, though the voltage regulator can be found online. You should be able to get by without the capacitors, but if you experience issues with powering the Core, you may want to add these.

Cool stuff. Good luck.

I have a Roomba 880 and I would like to do what you did to your Roomba. It’s great to see that someone has posted on how to do this to the 880. Thank you. There are topics for how to do this with older Roombas but not the 880. I have been watching this topic for a while and I was wondering if you have any pictures or videos of your set up. I am ready to get the kit and connect my Roomba, but I would like to see what you have done and how it is benefiting you. Thanks for the Sway article and the documents needed to connect the Roomba.

I haven’t forgotten about this and have been working on a complete rewrite that will hopefully function with more models. I was running into issues where adding some features was breaking the code and causing more problems then it was worth. Once I get all these issues worked out I will be posting a video (as the code and setup shouldn’t change any further).

I’m interested in giving this a shot, so I checked out your Sway page, but the link to the DeviceType file seems to be broken. Can you post the code to GitHub or update the links? Thanks for your work on this. I’m going to give it a shot on my Roomba 560 so I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Any updates?

Why not get the Thinking Cleaner module? Might be more costly but the integration is already (unofficially) there and works.

That product is $99. I have no idea what the total cost of the Particle solution is, but what’s the fun is slapping on a prefabricated device. Sure its easy, but not fun if you’re the tinkering type.

WOW! I want to give it a shot. Just a question: I’m trying to decide between Roomba 650 vs 880 and can’t make the final call since I want to integrate it with ST.

As OP mentioned, he tested it with Roomba 880 and sounds like it’s working. Has anyone tried it with Roomba 650? If it does work, I’d prefer buying it since it’s a cheaper model and perfectly meets my needs.

Does anyone have a copy of the device type code for smartthings from the Sway presentation?
its not loading up for some reason and i cannot find a copy of it anywhere

thanks in advance!