Motion and Smart switch issue

I need some assistance with my motion sensors. These were purchased mid summer, so they are not the very recent ones.

I have this issue with three sensors, but will only describe with one. In our laundry room I have a ST motion sensor and a GE smart switch. I have it set to turn on the light when motion occurs. I also have it set to turn off after 1 min. My issue is even with constant motion within the room it still turns off the light after 1 min and you have to exit the room and re-enter to turn it back on(besides manually using the switch). I also tried just turning off the light when the motion stops, but when the wife is just folding clothes for 30 seconds only her arms move so motion is no longer detected and turns off the light, which is why I’m using the 1min time for the chance of actual motion. Is there any way to set the activity to turn off after 1 min, but reset the time after each motion detection?

Known Smart Lighting issue, the workaround was to use a community based app. There are several threads discussing this problem. Here is one of them:

I had this same problem. The bug is that if motion stops the timer starts, and subsequent motion doesn’t stop the timer. My solution was to still use SmartThing’s built-in app to turn it on and use @bravenel’s Turn off after motion stops app linked by @SBDOBRESCU to turn it off.

Reading that thread and it looks like there is another issue as well.

Indeed, that’s the reason why I used past tense when I said what the workaround is :slight_smile: I am sure both issues are just temporary. But, the length of time that will take before fixes are in place, is anyone’s best guess. The Smart Lighting app was like that from day one. Issues with custom based apps are rather recent, or at least for me…