Use a motion sensor to turn on and then off after inactivity?

Is there a way to add one automation to turn on a switch with motion and with the same automation turn in off when there is no motion after say 15 min

Again, The official smartlights feature can do exactly that. As with many features in SmartThings, the ability is there, it can just be hard to find. :sunglasses::bulb:

Select the light you want to turn on, and choose motion as the trigger.

You will then be asked if you also want to turn it off after a period of inactivity. Double tap that control. ( it looks like you should slide it, but it doesn’t work that way. Just double tap it.)

After you double tap it, you will be given the field that let you set the period of inactivity.

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I was using Smart Lighting just like @JDRoberts said. It works but I found this CoRE piston to be more reliable for me and my Lowe’s Iris Motion sensors:

The light has turned off on me accidently a lot less than it did with smart lighting.

Just another way to do the same thing. Your milage may vary!

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I have my master bathroom do it. I use an Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 to detect motion, but it only turns on the light if there isn’t enough natural light. If, for example, it’s nice and bright and it detection motion, the switch stays off. But if it is getting dark and it detects motion, it turns the lights on. I do something similar with the exhaust fan and humidity. And when the light turns off, the fan stays on for 20 minutes and then turns off.

It’s only a night light for when we get up in the night to use the bathroom. I don’t wander around my house at night in the dark. If I did, this would turn the light on dim which would also throw light on the hallway through the open bathroom door. Helps avoid tripping on sleeping dog in the hallway in the dark . Rest of the time we use switches. The 2 minute delay is too allow core some time to abort the shut off sequence if the motion sensor quits seeing you then sees you again. Gives you time to wiggle on the toilet to reset motion sensor.

That’s the joy of the system everyone can make changes to fit their habits and routines.


And I immediately picture a giant M&M on the toilet singing “I’m sexy and I know it. Wiggle wiggle wiggle”