Roller shutter,no neutral wires,,,alternatives? Arduino tutorial?

Hi all,

I’m wondering what is the alternative for fibaro FGRM-222 that is using US frequency ? my shutter button looks like the attached photo

my shutter works on 220 V, some people where talking about using this contactor

any instructions on how to install and making it work parallel to the physical button? I read their manual but I could not manage…

second question, I’m using Aeon Labs in wall micro controller.
I have two problems, first there is no neutral wire inside the junction box, second it’s big to fit inside the box especially when there are more switches in one box, So I wanted to put it inside the light fixture itself where there is neutral wire and space, is there a work around to be able to control the light using the controller and the toggle switch at the same time?

third question:
is there a tutorial on how the interface between smartthings & ardunio, I checked the documents but they are not clear enough for me,

Thank you,

I can’t help on the bigger questions, but you’ll find many of the people working with SmartThings and Arduino’s in the following thread, and they’re always very helpful: ( this is a clickable link)


If you know a bit about Device Type Handlers, SmartApps, and a bit about Arduino, the Shield + Library is trivial to use.

It’s just complicated if you don’t have the prerequisite fundamentals.

PM me if you want info on how these work together. SmartThings ought to improve the docs, add diagrams, video, but … :confused:

Actually am not that good, but I want to learn !!

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