Roku (Connect) - Who/Where is the Developer?

So I’ve got this smartapp and handler combination that creates a virtual device for Roku streamers but it no longer works. Don’t use Roku much anymore so not sure how long it’s been like this. Unfortunately I can’t find any posts about this setup anywhere and only see the Roku virtual buttons setup which is different. Hoping to resolve the issues. His github handle is madmouse.

If you published it to yourself, the code is in your account. Go to the IDE and you should see it there, along with the author’s name.

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BTW, it looks like the one from @madmouse , but it could be somebody else building off of that work. That’s why you should check the IDE.


And it looks like @MadMouse was last seen here on the forum on Sep 14, 2016. You’re likely on your own, unless others can chime in with assistance…

I sent him a message but no response yet. Not sure if SmartThings changed up the code or something but setup just stopped working since last time. @MadMouse

I suggest posting in the other thread as there were several people using several variants of that code. That’s why asked which author was listed in the version you published to yourself.

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