Robot Vacuum & Intruder Alert

How can I prevent a robot vacuum from setting off an intruder alert?

I have a Roborock vacuum that isn’t integrated into Smartthings. It’s scheduled to run at a certain time of the day, but I’m typically not home during its cleaning cycle. So I receive an intruder alert from the Smartthings motion sensors. I don’t want to turn off the Smart Home Monitor for the duration of the cleaning, but I also don’t want to receive false alarms every day.

Is there a way to remove the affected motion sensors from the Home Monitor - Away Mode for a specific time of day? Is there another solution I haven’t considered?


You could use your physical motion detectors to trigger a virtual motion detector using routines. The routine could have a time period specified when it would fire. Then remove your physical motion detectors from STHM and add the virtual motion detector to STHM.

I think that you can link Roborock with IFTTT or Alexa and add virtual switch that would be ON when Roborock is running. Then add it to routines for sensors as precondition, virtual switch to be OFF when you need alarms

Thanks for the response

This is my understanding:

Create a routine that turns on a virtual motion switch when any physical motion sensor detects motion. And set this routine to any time outside the time the vacuum is set to clean, and when location mode is set to Away. Then set the STHM to only alert of an intruder when the virtual motion sensor is activated.

So the pros and cons is this would solve the problem but I would lose the information of which physical motion sensor had detected the motion/intruder? If that’s true, that might be a worthwhile trade

Thanks for the response

I don’t have Alexa, and I can’t find Roborock in IFTTT app. It would seem Roborock is no longer supported by IFTTT? That’s just what I’ve gleaned from other forums

You could do it 2 ways. All physical motion detectors tied to a single virtual motion sensor. Or create a virtual motion sensor for each physical motion sensor and write multiple routines. The 2nd method is more work, but you would know what detector tripped.

To use the Alexa app you don’t need a physical Alexa device. You only need the phone app.