Control Roborock S5 with Smartthings and Alexa?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to setup Alexa and Roborock S5 using Smartthings to clean specific geo locations similar to person who did the below using HA.

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I have already setup Alexa to start and stop using Mi home skill.

For ex: I would like to use a command
‘Alexa clean the kitchen area’ and the robot vacuum will know the geolocation coordinates and only clean the kitchen area.
Or I would like to set it as a schedule to clean the kitchen everyday at 9am when I leave for work

Any pointers to get this setup would be helpful.
(Mrs would think I do the cleanup everyday :grinning:)


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Hi experts, Any pointers to how I can achieve this?

Start by searching the forum, there are several active threads on different methods.

There are 3 common approaches:

  1. use IFTTT. Simple, no programming required, but limited integration

  2. use Alexa as a “man in the middle.” Requires two Alexa skills, but works ok.

  3. if you have a strong technical background, you can set up your own server and use the “mi connector” integration

If you have cognitive or physical challenges that make search difficult for you (we have some community members in both categories), just start with the following thread:

Xiaomi mi vacuum cleaner (also Roborock)

Thanks JDRoberts!
I will check in the link you provided

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