Roborock S5 Max in Routines/Smartthings

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I’ve been browsing the forums trying to find an answer to this but the only posts i’ve found that are sort of related are a couple of years old and things have moved on.

I’m trying to find a way to integrate my Roborock S5 Max into smart things so that i can trigger it into routines. For example, when my home is set to away i’d like the vac to start a clean.

From what i can tell, people have suggested using alexa as a middleman, i’d set up a virtual switch but seeing as alexa wont see the vac (despite having the skill) i cant get it to trigger.

Also, not sure if it would help but i’m toying with the idea of a smart things hub…which may make a difference?

Thanks in advance.

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There are definitely people using echo as a “man in the middle“ with the Roborock vacuum. Start with the following thread, and talk to the folks there. :sunglasses:

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You can integrate it natively if you have a raspberry pi or a server in the middle. Check out Mi Connector. The author hasn’t yet included the Roborock S5 Max but I was able to edit the docker container and add it. Essentially, just grep for all roborock s5 and change them to roborock s5e. You’d also need to make the same change to the SmartApp. I can direct you on how to do all this after you get Mi Connector set up.

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The Mi Connector app is pretty simple to setup and works well. The only challenge can be getting the token from the vacuum. I have the S6 and needed to install a hacked version of the Mi Home app to get the token, then re-install the regular version.


Hi !
I just managed to install Mi connector, amazing work there. But, i would like to do much more with new smartthings app than turn vacuuming on and stopping in its current position. Theres no dock button for example. Have i done something wrong, or how do you guys deal with this ?

Its roborock s5max i have @gbenrus25. Does it still need your modifications ?