Eufy RoboVac 11c


I’m considering getting the Eufy RoboVac 11c ( here ). It has really great reviews on Amazon. Has anyone found out how to use it with SmartThings? It works with Google Assistant, which is cool, but I’d prefer the robot to start cleaning when I leave the house, without having to ask.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m thinking about getting this one too and have same question.

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Another one on the list!

Someone has found how to interrogate the API for bulbs and switches, they haven’t tried the vac, but likely to be similar…

The other alternative is just use IR control to set the thing off when you leave…

This guys has made a start :slight_smile:

I have integrated my Eufy RoboVac 30C by using a BroadLink RM Mini, integrating that with Alexa through scene controls and having a virtual switch in SmartThings that when it triggers ‘on’ it starts the Alexa Scene to send the IR Command through the Broadlink RM Mini (the switch is triggered via a WebCore piston).

So in short:
1. SHM changes to Away
2. WebCore sends command to RoboVac virtual switch in SmartThings
3. Alexa listens for changes to the virtual switch, detects it is on and starts the ‘Cleaning Scene’
4. Cleaning Scene programmed in Broadlink IHC skill sends the IR command to the RoboVac to start cleaning.

A little hacky, but works well for me every day for the last 5 months when I leave home.