Rinnai Water heater now integrated with Smartthings! (Question...)

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: same here.

Wow, was considering buying one of these but now I’m thinking not until they fix the integration…
can you get someone higher up the food chain alerted to this issue with the Rinnai integration so they can work with Rinnai directly on fixing it?

Looks like an update to fix this is coming once the app stores approve the update:

Yes we got an update on Monday we are still waiting for approval from Smarthings. Alexa & Google home once they approve we will update each to allow the new app

I am sorry I had no idea they would take so long to approve the changes

Just got off the phone with support. They acknowledged they are having issues and suggest waiting to install the new app until things get ironed out. They said it could be March before everything is fixed.

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I’m still using the old app and old module firmware. Should I continue using the old app? The old app keeps asking me to update via the Google Play store but I’ve been purposely not updating it. Should I update it?


Does the new app and firmware give you the technical info the old app does like GPM, inlet temp, outlet temp, etc?

There’s no upside to upgrading. The functionality is the same in a new Control-R app, but you lose Alexa integration. Personally, I would wait.

Which app update are we waiting for to fix the auth token? ST?

The new app won’t connect to my heater yet so there are no values populated, however, the System Status dialog has only the following:

Water Flow
Outlet Temp
Operation Hours x 100
Combustion Cycles x 100
Inlet Temp

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For Alexa and Google integration, when those two companies approve their changes then they will release new ios and android version of Control-R 2.0 to make the integration work.

Thanks! This is very helpful!

I’ve been having problems with the water heater lately…it doesn’t provide hot water all the time like it used to. I’m trying to use the technical info (GPM, inlet temp, outlet temp, etc) to diagnose the issue.

Have you cleaned your inlet water filter?

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Nope, I didn’t even know it had a filter. After some Googling, I think that may be the problem. I’m going to take a look and clean it tomorrow. Thanks!

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I’m on a well and it gets filled up with very fine sediment causing low gpm and if it gets really bad the hot water temps to fluctuate when using it. I now clean mine monthly and have no problems.

We use well water also. I’m going to check it out today!

My water heater bizarrely started working in ST again today…no app update, no re-linking of the accounts, etc. I only noticed because I heard the recirc kick on in response to motion in the kitchen, so I opened the app and confirmed it had reconnected. Anyone else? Maybe the permanent fix is in place?

Let us know after 24 hours…

Mines working without a relink as well :smiley:

Yeah, mine was disconnected in the old app as well as the new app yesterday. Magically, it was reconnected this morning in the old app. Still not working in the new app.

Are you referring to the new Control-R app? As best I can tell, the only way to get the firmware updated successfully and get the device into the new app is to reach out to Rinnai customer support.

24 hours in, and my ST connection is still working great.

Yes, the 2.0 version of the app. I reached out to Rinnai and they said to keep using the old app until they get things straightened out and that it could be March before that happens.