Rinnai Water heater now integrated with Smartthings! (Question...)

Ok, Looks like my samsung account is not in US. Had the customer service associate change the location on my account and then it started showing up.

Which app are you using?

Has anybody got this working? I got mine connected, but i get a network error when i try to manually change temp or turn on the recirc. I added it to a motion sensor automation, but nothing happens. Tried motion and a button. Neither works.

I have the same problem. It’s been this way for months and I’ve been talking to rinnai support about it for a long time with no resolution so far.

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Anyone have a positive experience with this? Curious to try this out, would really like to set up motion-triggered recirculation for the guest bathroom but prefer to do it through Smarthings so I can go with a motion detector that I’m sure is pet immune. I plan to give it a shot but if the integration is broken, would prefer to learn that know and avoid the sadly typical smarthome experiment wasted weekend.

It works for the first 2-8hrs after linking rinnai to smartthings then it becomes uncontrollable. Only way to get it working again is to unlink and relink accounts.

I have a open case with Smartthings, they had me do some basic stuff then told me they are looking into it further and will get back to me… hopefully the get back to me unlike rinnai support.


Has anyone figured out how to keep linking from expiring every few hours? Thanks

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I wish I read this thread more carefully before buying and installing a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater with the built-in recirculation pump (Rinnai RUR199iN). I had seen the press release announcing integration with SmartThings and thought that I could use a SmartThings Button to trigger a recirculation cycle, and to configure recirculation in my morning routines. There are two key issues with this:

  1. The account link between Rinnai and SmartThings expires and disconnects as others have mentioned, and so that makes the SmartThings integration essentially useless.
  2. The SmartThings app does not have a recirculation function.

So now I will purchase the RINNAI RWMPB01 button to trigger a recirculation cycle and use the Rinnai mobile App.

It’s false advertising for Rinnai to advertise that its products work with SmartThings when obviously, they have not gotten it working in any useable form. This is partly my fault because I did not do enough careful research before buying Rinnai. I’m still hopeful that Rinnai resolves this and makes more features (like recirculation) available in SmartThings.


100% agree. I have been working on a support ticket with Smartthings and then got directed over to Rinnai as it’s a problem on their end. The ticket with Rinnai is coming up to 1yr old and they stopped responding to me to troubleshoot this further.

I really wish smartthings would pull the support for this device to strongarm them into fixing it as it is false advertising and is complete junk.

I’m going to be putting a boiler system in my garage in the near future and because of this problem and lack of support/resolution i will most likely be looking at a Navien or Triangle Tube boiler system. Even if these don’t support smarthings i don’t want to give Rinnai anymore of my money or support.


any word on this its been some time and still the re circulation option does not work.


I followed up on my 1+yr old ticket on Sept 27th and support said they will ask the developers on a status update… to which I heard nothing. I will ask again. Don’t hold your breath… All I know is when. I go to put a boiler in my garage it will not be rinnai after the 1+yr run around I’ve been receiving.

I followed up with my support contact and here was their response:

Hi Chris,

No I am sorry they told me that smarthings would have to contacted that we have updated the app and it should work if it is not maybe there is a setting on smarthings.

Sorry that is all I was told

Natalie Padovano

Customer Care Agent Level III