Ok curiosity has gotten the better of me...what is Navien?

(Stuart Buchanan) #1

so i have been using this site when i am authoring device types etc… so i can see the logo’s and a new category called Navien has cropped up. but the only thing i see when googling is something about tankless water heaters, but cant see the link to Samsung or ST

(The fish is still dead.) #2

Seems to be a Korean manufacturer of HVAC and various green technology products. Seems like a good candidate for a partnership over there.

(ts) #3

The Navien product I have is indeed a wall-mounted tank-less water heater. It runs on electricity but heats up water via natural gas producing hot-water on demand.

Never need to worry about running out of hot-water ever and so far has been very reliable with really no maintenance other making sure the air-filter is clean. The filter is cleaned once a year.

The initial cost is high, if I remember correctly it was approx. ~$4500CDN installed by the home builder, but worth it as there is no wasted heat with a water tank constantly being heated.

(Brian) #4

Any updates on partnering with Navien. We are installing one of these in our home along with the NaviLink WiFi connector and would love the capibility to add it as a device in SmartThings.

Searching in the app I don’t see Navien listed any longer.