Ring vs. Nest outdoor cameras?

I’m looking to get a few outdoor cameras for my house and am choosing between ring and nest. I don’t have any Alexa items in my home, all google home which would make me lean toward nest, but I already have a ring doorbell (bought before nest came out with one) so the ring cameras would compliment the ring doorbell. Deciding between these 3 options. All input is welcome. :slight_smile:

I don’t need the spotlight or siren feature but the Ring spotlight camera is actually cheaper than the stick up camera right now if you buy two of them. Otherwise I’m just looking for some good outdoor cameras that integrate nicely.

I grabbed the Ring Spotlight 2 pack deal. I was looking for something with a light and the sale was too good to pass up. I had a doorbell already. I’m not thrilled with increasing my subscription plan cost but I’ve been really happy with my Ring doorbell so far so I decided to stay in the ecosystem. I also picked up a couple of 3rd party solar panels to keep them charged.

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anyone know how long the battery lasts on the battery powered spotlight cam?

and yes, the spotlight cams are 2 for $249 today for cyber Monday which is why I’m considering them since I want 2 cameras.

It really will depend on the usage but the camera can hold 2 batteries at a time if you want to extend the time between charges. The batteries also plug directly into USB to charge, no separate charger required.

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I think I’m going to pull the trigger on the 2 for $249 sale on the ring spotlight cameras. Thanks

How have then been for you?

I am also stuck between them