Ring (Video DoorBell) "Chime" Integration

Hi Everyone,

Love the smartthings device… and starting to move outside of my comfort zone…

Does anyone have the Ring Chime working with smart things?

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I’ve been playing around with this… I’m trying to figure out how to get it to ring… I don’t have the Ring Video Doorbell but got a Chime Pro… and from what I can tell, using the Ring app, you can press the TEST SOUND button, which basically logs in the Ring Central service, comes back to the Ring Chime and triggers the sound…

I’m also unable to see the Ring Chime local IP address so I can’t hijack whatever signals it received to make it ring (I recently switched routers, and don’t have DD-WRT on it yet)

But I would guess that if someone here can monitor the network traffic on their LAN and figure out what got sent to the Chime, we can probably just have an IFTTT app or some triggers from smartthings (a door sensor, motion sensor, etc) to make Chime output sounds…

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I just checked IFTTT site, it appears that there’s no action available on Ring, so you can’t control the chime thru IFTTT.

You can create your own IFTTT via the maker channel. I was thinking that if ever someone figures out what the network request that was sent to the Chime, you can make your own IFTTT trigger so you can basically have Smartthings call the IFTTT trigger which will ring the chime.

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I emailed the Ring team to see if there was an API or way to call it externally from their traditional flow. They said they have nothing in the pipeline… however the support team will submit it to the developers as a request and see what happens.

In the meantime… we might be able to make use of python with Twill/Mechanize… I was hoping to avoid that route but will give it a go… The point of my post was to avoid this method …

Thanks everyone! If I hobble something together Ill post it here.

My guess here is it polls the “ring” cloud servers every second or so to see if a flag has been set to trigger the chime… This might be difficult to intercept or trap.

Since its sitting behind a NAT firewall/router for most home deployments… I cant think of another way it would work.

I’ve been using a linux server on a Pogoplug 4 with my Amazon Dash, Whenever it is pushed, an ARP scanner program intercepts it and triggers a bash script which sends me email of a screen grab of my CCTV camera (via rtsp)… I was hoping I’d be able to use it as a doorbell which rings the chime and run some scripts… I originally sent the email to my flckr account, which in turns triggers IFTTT to post the screen grab to my Facebook acct…

Oh no, that’s impossible, otherwise the doorbells wouldn’t work when there is no internet (that would be a disaster).
No, I’m also sure something happens locally on the network

By the way, I also asked ring to have an actionable IFTTT item for the chimes and they said that it is on their todo list, but right now there are not many people requesting this feature, therefore it is low prioritised.
So it’s up to us to send as many requests as possible so that it gets higher in their priority queue.

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