Ring Video Doorbell 2 and SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug

I got my SmartThings Hub (2018) and in setting it up I connected my Ring Doorbell. When the doorbell is pushed it turns on my Smart Plug and a connected light. I want to turn this action off but in the two years since I don’t remember how I did this. Last year I also connected my Smart Plug to my Google Home. I have searched all three apps, Ring, SmartThings, and Google Home, and can’t find this automation anywhere. I’ve updated all the firmware and the apps. I can’t use the plug now as it is set up. Any suggestions? TIA

easy option may be to remove the smart plug and in doing so, it will remove all association in all Routines or wherever it is being used. Then add the smart plug back.

What brand/model is the smart plug?

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It’s a SmartThings Wifi smart plug. I will try your suggestion. I had assumed that the routines would still be there. Thanks

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