Ring Spotlight Camera not discoverable in Smartthings

Will adding a power cable to the battery version make it discoverable?

or is it only the actual hardwired version

Any sense of when this will take place?

No ETA from Ring at this time.

Just installed my Spotlight Cam Battery and found this terrible news out. Any idea when this support will be added?

Also in the same boat. Hopefully Ring enables the Spotlight Battery/ST integration soon. Was hoping to motion activate my smart switchlight using the Ring Spotlight.

As a work around for now you can use stringify as all Ring devices and their functionality are available on it. I created a flow to switch on certain light switches when motion is detected on the ring spotlight cam battery.

hi still no info on fix from Ring? thanks

Any update? Just spent an hour trying to connect a battery operated spotlight cam!

Would love an update on this too

Would love an update as well. I just spent an hour furiously searching the web for the fix.

The only compatibility for the spotlight camera is the Spotlight Camera Mount, and the Spotlight Camera Wired. Setting it up with the permanent USB battery charger won’t cut it. There is something digitally different with the battery equipped models that isn’t playing nice with others…

quick question: beside being able to see the motion sensor and being able to turn on/off the light, is there anything else you can do with Ring Spotlight Camera being integrated in Smartthings? for example see the live video within the SmartThings app? be able to activate the Ring Spot light camera siren as an additionally siren in the smart home monitor? And last what does the circular arrow do?
thanks for any info

I have not seen any direct video integration from ring into smart things nor have I found any way to trigger the ring siren yet. I would very much like to be able to trigger the siren from an alarm event.

just wondering if there was any update on this? I’;m trying to decide between a spotlight camera wired and battery versions. I have smartthings and would like to be able to use the siren as a SHM trigger and control the light via Smartthings.

But…I’d also like to have the battery version so that if power is lost the device will still function. is there anyway around this?

Right now from what I understand, the only versions working in any manner are the 110v powered variants, the Spotlight Camera wired, Spotlight camera mount, and floodlight camera.

The battery / solar variants there is something different enough about the way the hardware works that Ring / Smartthings isn’t supporting it in the SmartThings environment.

Not sure why you would have the siren fuction as a trigger for SHM, if you’ve triggered the siren from within Ring for example, you already know of an issue and are setting off sirens etc… Am I misunderstanding you or can you please explain this a bit more?


i want the siren to act as an alarm for SHM. so instead of a traditional external siren box.

Okay I get it, you want to use the siren fuction of the spotlight camera as a siren from within Smart Home Monitor thus a SHM alarm would trigger the siren.

I am trying to do the same thing using ADT Tools 2.

So far, I am getting nothing. The siren does not show up.

Like I mentioned above though, the battery / solar models of the cameras are not on the supported list, the wired versions are, although support seems awfully limited. Only about 18.5% of the listed features for the devices actually work in SmartThings…

Funny how the battery operated Ring Food light is listed as a compatible device yet it isn’t.

There’s no such thing as a battery powered ring floodlight.

The Ring Floodlight camera is hard wired to an electrical box. No battery at all…

Re check the works with smart things and filter by cameras and ring and you will see that there are no battery powered devices except for the ring video doorbell that are supported