Ring Floodlight Cam

I’m looking forward to both floodlight cam and spotlight cam.

Bump. August 30th and from what Ring told me, the delay is on the Samsung side.

So the spotlight and floodlight are coming to smartthings correct, heard two different things from support.

Bumpity Bump …

So just spent some time with the Ring support folks on a separate issue I’m dealing with and asked about Flood support in ST…

They did research and it comes down to they have opened their API/System to SmartThings … its all in ST’s hands if/when it will get supported

As this is the best solution I have found (so far) for outdoor floods and cameras, I really hope they get on this :frowning:


The last update from ST was that they needed to prioritize and schedule this development on their side. It’s understandable ST is working on numerous initiatives. Would be nice if they shared the road map.


I contacted Ring support through web chat today, after reviewing their product page again about “easy connection” to SmartThings. It appears this is still not available, and we will need to continue waiting for SmartThings or someone else to come up with a solution/integration.

  • Ring Support: As far as the floodlight cam linking to smart things hub you would need to contact Samsung directly for the configuration
  • Me: but your website says it “easily connects”, if it is on samsung’s side, I would understand if Ring only said “it is compatible with”
  • Ring Support: I understand but we do not support the samsung smart things hub in our app so you will need to reach out their support directly
  • Ring Support: Well yes we are compatible but the configuration is done through samsung
  • Ring Support: I do apologize I will make sure we have someone update that on our site you will need to reach out to Samsung directly

To be fair, I also asked about some other issues/concerns and their support staff was incredibly helpful and was able to answer/solve immediately, but this issue is still open :confused:

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Ok, so the Floodlight Cam has been out for quite a while now and still NO response from SmartThings? I am really tiring of this. I am on the cusp of bailing out and heading over to Wink. Ugh.

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Does it work with Wink?

Yes it does.

Smartthings HAS to get on this. Can I make it on my Christmas wish list?


Right now, the one (or one of the) things that Smarthings has the advantage of over Wink, is device support…
And that seems to be falling off as well…

I’m also considering a move but to HomeAssistant, which can use SmartThings. I’m tired of lack of device support.

I’m always curious about what devices there’s a lack of support for when I see someone say this. When I think about how many devices keep showing up in the “HA” space, with all sorts of communication protocols and proprietary APIs, it doesn’t surprise me that device support takes a while to catch up. I can only imagine what’s on ST’s workload platter at the moment.

I know ST can’t keep using the Community developers as a crutch for putting together DTH’s forever, but what other devices are you seeing not being supported? Again, I’m just curious.

I was thinking I would use charles-proxy to watch the floodlight cam communicate with the server. As it turns out, someone already did something similar using Wireshark: Scott Kidder: The Ring Smart Doorbell API. I also found couple of APIs on Github: doorbot Ring.com Doorbell API and Python RIng Door Bell API and some documentation for the Python API here.

Yet another device SmartThings has no integration for. Add it to the list of ‘smart devices’ I have that are dumb because there’s either no device integration at all or some mega flakey homebrew version.

We’re not all DIY developers able to build our own integrations or manage relationships with these vendors.

I don’t mind if smartthings doesn’t directly support a minor brand zigbee, wifi camera or zwave device, especially if the community can modify existing plugins easily, but major products like Ring (especially security products) need matching support and implemented professionally. These are the items we find at Best Buy next to SmartThings, it’s not a good consumer experience. Costco started carrying the floodlight and I think Sam’s Club did this season so the lack of support really reflects poorly.


I coincidentally jumped on that same thread on twitter recently, smartthings did respond but with no date sadly…


this sucks… i just assumed since the ring doorbell was working with smarthings then so would the floodlight… i wished i had seen this before i spent $250 & spent 2 hours installing the d@mn thing. I have some nice notifications with webcore happening right now over my sonos to announce motion & also turn on certain lights, i was looking forward to doing this same thing on a side of my house with no windows that i am blind too so this would have been extremely helpful. I will call STs tomorrow to open a ticket, please others if you have not done so please do so… it will take frustrated customers to get this moved up on the priority list.


Did the exact same thing. Pester support. Be the squeaky wheel like the rest of us.

I ran into the same headache after installing two of these things ~$500…

Hello all. Saw that thus thread came alive in April of 2017. It’s now Jan 30th and wondering how much longer will it take SmartThings to provide integration with Ring Floodlight Cam. Anyone have any recent updates?