Ring doorbell pro not loading video in smartthings app

Hello all. Is anyone else having an issue with the video from ring doorbell not loading in smarthings app on phone and Samsung tv? Just starting happening around the time classic app rip. Lol!

I’ve attached a screenshot with the error I get.


I just tried my Ring Doorbell Pro on Samsung S8+ and video was fine. I don’t have a TV that works with SmartThings.

I tried mine on my phone and my TV. Phone worked pretty good but the TV was clearly having some struggles. It would work but after lots of refreshing. The wired ring seemed to work best/easiest but all the wireless cameras were very slow to start.

I am having the same issues. Video won’t load both on my Series 8 tv or in the SmartThings app on my phone for about a month now. I’ve tried removing and reading the Ding doorbell as a device, clearing the cache. Nothing has helped. Any other ideas?

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Yeah same here. Been like this for the last few months. Not sure what happened.

I only set it up on my tv in early October. Worked for a few weeks but has t been loading for the last month. It will notify me for any motion but never show any video.

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Same here, works fine on Ring App, and Alexa, but not in the Smartthings App. I actually started a thread but assumed no one else had an issue? I should have searched the forum better, lol

Hi guys

Has any1 found a fix for this issue i have the same problem

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Having same issue. Can’t find a fix. Tried all of the same as above. Worked fine until prob a week ago or so. Not sure of exact timing on when it stopped as I don’t use it regularly but tried opening video feed on TV a couple days ago and no luck.

For those without the correct model of Samsung TVs or any other brand… can you bcast or mirror the camera app from your phone to the TV and control that way and keep it going for long periods using an older phone dedicated to this function???

I’ve used a Samsung S6 for my SmartThings cam to my new TCL TV from Costco and it was ok, then I used a Samsung S8+ with broken screen and everything uninstalled and set to give the best stream possible (did for the older S6 too) and it was near perfect. Occasionally dropped or lagged but so much better than the S6 it didn’t bother me, but my wife did have it drop more often because she increases settings to max.
A few days ago I volunteered my Samsung S10 and it worked at max settings and each newer model could connect and cast or share screen in new ways… don’t even use the Chrome cast which might even work better.

My wife got the Samsung S20b we haven’t needed it. But this method gets the camera feed live on a TV or Tablet where it can be watched easily and manipulated with the app.

What features am I missing doing this especially with a dedicated decice casting the app?

Support said “known problem” and “working on it”.

1/5 /21 Now working.

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They told me the same thing. I am having the problem with Arlo and (now today) the nest cameras that I just added. None work. I hope they get this resolved soon.

No luck here with my Ring Pro. “Camera is unavailable”. Disappointing to say the least.

Any luck about no video feed using Ring Pro?

Edit : mmm interesting, I just realized on my iPad (yeah, an iOS device) actually Ring Pro live feed can be shown… Sadly my galaxy s20+ or my wife’s M51 are reporting same problem “no video available” :frowning: so maybe it’s an android devices issue…

Check screenshots taken on same moment on same devices.

hey, today i realized Ring Pro live video is working again…