Ring Doorbell - Notification Video Not Showing On Samsung TV

I have a Ring Doorbell and Samsung TV. I have set the doorbell up and integrated it through SmartThings. I can see live video on the TV from the doorbell when I go to the doorbell in SmartThings. However, when the doorbell button is pressed, the TV displays the pop up notification but the video doesn’t load.

I’ve tried deleting the doorbell and reconnecting it. That did not resolve the issue. Any ideas?

I have the same issue. New TV and doesn’t show notification video and cannot use speak function. Just hangs. Someone please help

Exactly the same problem here. It worked for a long time then suddenly the video wont load. When I click full screen, it doesnt load the video. When I close and open the ST app on TV, the video loads, but notification wont load video no matter how many times I delete completely and reinstall both ST and Ring cameras. So frustrating why it suddenly stopped working!