Ring Doorbell Plus not showing up on ST

Hello, I have just installed Ring Doorbell Plus, for some reason, even after re-doing the account link, the new doorbell does not show up on ST, is it me?

No. Ring does not support all of its own devices in the ST integration. Contact Ring support to verify if your model is supported or not.

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Thanks, They told me to contact tech support, It looks like it is supported, I will call them. Worst case I will pay for IFTT

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I have also a (batterie) ring doorbell plus and can´t see the ring device under devices.
If I want to add a new device and i search for ring, then it say : device connected.

I have looked under

[SmartThings | Apps und Dienste | Samsung Deutschland](SmartThings | Apps und Dienste | Samsung Deutschland)

for supported devices from ring:
Samsung ST support only 3 devices: Video doorbell, video doorbell pro and video doorbell 3
no doorbell plus are shown.
What can we do?

As I said previously, Ring does not support all its own devices with its integration with Smartthings. I believe this is the list of officially supported devices, however, I’d contact Ring for confirmation.

Thanks for your answer, but who should implement the ring doorbell plus in ST?
Ring or Samsung?
Please contact Ring immediately to clarify this. Tanks.

Ring supports their integration with ST. You need to contact them.

I just spoke with RING.
ST will be supported in the coming months


Thanks :slight_smile:

Any update on this?