Ring Doorbell in uk

When will we get Ring doorbell integration in UK? In fact when will we get proper Sonos integration? Smartthings is now starting to put me off home automation. Is it time to quit while I’m ahead?

Sadly HA is a moving target (I am one of those that bought a google home in the UK and found it faulty, and, out of warranty)
not sure why the Ring Doorbell wouldn’t integrate in the UK…
I have to admit, the US nest was a bit of a challenge!
there is probably enough good stuff to keep you going till what you want actually arrives (if you are a bit techy or willing to learn)
if you wan’t everything to just work, with little or no work, walk away now!
this isn’t any easier here in the UK with anyone elses platform either (unless you spend a lot of money and get it installed)
even then, it is moving so fast… whatever you buy into will be at least partly out of date in a few years :slight_smile: that’s my take anyhow!
Good luck!

Well they keep saying that Ring will eventually integrate but its at the “happening soon” phase which is usually followed by “we’re pulling out of the UK market” :slight_smile:

Sonos only just works… sometimes. Sometimes I have to just remove the smartapp and re add it all to force a re-scan… but its all under the disclaimer of “not official” - I’m not scared of a bit of tech and point me in the direction of the Sonos API and I might have a go at making my own smartapp but life’s short.

What I’m really worried about is Samsung’s seeming lack of commitment. Its chicken and egg isn’t it. We won’t commit because there’s not enough of a market… there’s not enough of a market because the vendor won’t commit… etc etc. Its always the corporation that blinks first.

Im not going to invest any more until I see some signs they are committed to the UK I think.

Latest update on progress (if you can call it progress LOL) is here:

Ring and Ring Pro are now available in the UK.