Please advise status on Ring integration (UK)?

Thanks for the heads-up on stringify - it’s currently doing exactly what I wanted the integration of ring into ST to do, and more. I can now stop returning to this thread daily to see if anything’s occurred.

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How is this going @csuk.
It’s been awhile now.

My first post here so first of all Hello Smartfam.

I’m really interested in the Ring integration as this is currently the missing piece in my home automation puzzle. Not sure why it’s so difficult to get an official integration working, but it would sure be good to hear progress so that us UK folk stop looking elsewhere (Stringify / alternative hardware products)t.

Hey guys,

As you’re no doubt aware, we were not able to get the Ring and Ring Pro integration out by the end of the year. We experienced a hiccup with the Ring Pro and we wanted to release both integrations at the same time.

I’ll ask around for some updates!


Seems a massive shame not to release the non pro version just because the pro isn’t ready! Come on, we’ve been waiting and waiting!! Release it already!!! :grin:

Thanks for the update and thanks for asking around. Hopefully you’ll get an answer from those in the know very soon.

It looks like we were able to get through some of the technical difficulties we were having with the Pro, and the ball is rolling again (albeit slowly).

No hard date yet, but I’ll be sure to keep poking people for news!


After the update today, it would appear that mine is now integrated… :tada:

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… next gogo gate please… :smiley:

Me too. The integration is found under “Cameras” in Marketplace. Might be worth ST adding it to “New Things” too!

At present the status says “Ready” instead of “No Motion”. So not sure if it works as a motion sensor too or not… will see in the morning because don’t fancy checking at 3am!! :slight_smile:

Motion detection seems to work/register! Will try the button later!

Would be nice to have the motion summary in the control panel in a later release.

And of course… video and images in a later release would be great!!!

Just added my Ring doorbell.
What about functionality though? All it can do is catch a ring?

I’ve got my standard (as opposed to Pro) Ring to register motion, button pushes and report battery status. I did have to configure motion alerts in the Ring app before smartthings could detect them though, so check that.

Great job Smartthings, many thanks!!

Just saw that it registers motion myself. It is a welcome integration lots of EU people have been waiting for. Personally speaking i had already integrated the ring with homebridge running on a RPi 3.

What i would love to have is access to the local video feed from the Ring camera? Does anyone know anything about that?

Oh my God, I just checked the Ring iOS app and it seems that live view is enabled!!!
(Mine is battery powered)

This is very good news - nice one! Will set mine up tomorrow :slight_smile:

The Ring UK Integration is live! Thanks so much for your patience!

As with all new integrations, please send any bugs, issues, or feature requests to so we can get gather some data about how well the integration is working as well as how you guys would like to use it.


One small thing I have noticed is that the ‘Big Talker’ smart app is unable to distinguish between a motion alert on thE Ring and and actual button press.

I’ve got Big Talker set up to only speak when the doorbell is pressed and yet it talks speaks the same phrase when motion is detected.

Thanks for letting me know, Jon. We’ll try to reproduce the issue and flag our engineers accordingly

Great work, up and running, will feedback on usage. Would be great to know if any plans to integrate live video (Liveview) into Smarthings?