Ring Doorbell API's

Hi, I have found some API’s for Ring doorbell and not being a development I’m stuck as how to use them with ST and IFTTT.

What id like to do is enable motion snooze when I open the font door sensor (part of ST) thus when anyone leaves I dont get false motion alerts

And then when IFTTT see me enter an area around my home is also enables motion snooze for say 15 mins

Ive had a look and I think this is all possible in IFTTT but I don’t know how?

Anyone have any ideas please ( in simple steps as my dev skills are virtually zero)

Thank you


What is “motion snooze”? Is this part of the Ring API you mentioned?

With Ring doorbell there are a number of functions. motion detection, camera, ring or chime etc. One function is the ability to snooze the motion feature for a fixed duration.

The API’s I found list the motions schedules and allow the enabling and disabling of the snooze feature that I want to use.

I’d like info on this too. I just want the Ring cams to snooze when ST see’s I’m home.

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