Ring Cameras and multiple ST locations?

I have 2 ST locations on one ST account and 2 ring locations on one ring account. I have the ST/ring integration set up and all of my cameras are working fine on both ST and ring.

However, I have an issue with the location of the cameras in ST. When I added the ring cameras at house #2 on the ring app, they show up as devices at house #1 in ST (ring app shows them correctly at house #2). I can’t figure out how to move the location of the cameras within ST. I can move the cameras in rooms, but not locations within ST.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to move these cameras from house #1 to house #2 within ST with the ST/Ring integration?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there is no filtering of your ring devices when adding them to smartthings. So when adding ring to one smartthings location, it brings in ring devices from all ring locations. If you add ring to both ST locaitons you’ll end with the all ring devices in all ST locations.

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