Ring Camera with Virtual Switch and Color Light Flasher

Hey guys.

I have a few Ring Floodlight cameras, and have them flash a few Philips Hue globes around the house a different color depending on camera. It all works fine.

Problem is if i go in the yard to work the flashing would drive the wife nuts, so i managed to make a virtual switch (called Flasher) and then only flash the light if the switch is on. So i can say “Alexa turn Flasher off” to disable the flashing or turn it back on. Again all good.

However when i turn the virtual switch on it also turns on the Ring Floodlights which defeats the purpose of automating it by voice when i have to go in the app and manually turn off the light on every single Ring floodlight.

I cant wrap my head around a way to enable/disable the ST automation for flashing the Hue lights without effecting the Rings floodlights. Any idea? Thanks.

Perhaps i worded this poorly, i’ll try a different way.

Does anyone know how to make a Philips Hue light flash when motion is detected on a Ring floodlight camera “and” have the ability to enable/disable the flashing by voice without causing the Ring floodlights to turn on?

That should be doable if you use IFTTT, But what you described in your first post shouldn’t be happening unless there are additional automations or rules set up to tie the virtual switch to your ring devices. So I think it was just hard to respond to the first post because there wasn’t enough information to see what was actually going on.

Can you post screenshots of all automations you have involving the virtual switch? Including any Ifttt applets and Alexa routines? That would help us help you.:sunglasses:

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Thank you so much, that sentence right there helped more then you know. I decided to remove or disable disable everything regarding the cameras, switches and Hue lights and redo it one by one from scratch. And looks like i did have something turning the floodlights on. I wont be able to test it until tonight, but fingers crossed it’s solved.

Thank you @JDRoberts :+1:

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