Feature Request: Ring Floodlight Cam cloud-to-cloud integration where you can control light and siren

I think with Groovy gone, which did not matter too much with Ring, I am making the feature request for SmartThings and Ring to work it out between them to get the floodlight and siren added to the functions of the Ring Floodlight Cam. Years ago, the light worked but the function was taken off. I use the motion. I just want to use that motion to only turn on the floodlight at certain times, like after I go to bed. Often, I am in my backyard on nice nights and don’t want the light to turn on. Going through the app and manually change them is a pain…I know, first world problems.

At this point, the integration belongs to ring, so you need to ask them. Now that smartthings has published its API, any device manufacturer can use it, so, with a very few exceptions it’s up to them what they do with the integration. :thinking: