Ring app on smart fridge constantly recording using widget

I have recently discovered what I believe to be either a bug or unintended function. When using the Ring app on Samsung smart fridge, if one chooses to use the video feed widget, when the Ring doorbell is rung, the widget forces the Ring doorbell to record. In the Ring app, you can choose the video recording length from anywhere between 50-120 seconds (mine is set to 60, which is the default). During that time the Ring doorbell will not respond to a second ring attempt. There is no matching setting that I could find in SmartThings.

There is, however a maximum limit of how long a Ring doorbell will record which is 12 minutes. If using the widget, all ring doorbell events will record for the full 12 minutes, meaning that the doorbell will not respond to another ring event for that period of time. It seems to ignore the video recording length set in the Ring app. My doorbell is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. Is this normal?