What is the best video doorbell that is battery operated?

Hello all,

We’re buying a new construction house that has no wired doorbells. I’d like to put a video doorbell at the front door and the rear door. I know that smartthings supports Ring doorbells, but I’ve read they don’t save recordings without the monthly subscription? Heres what I am looking for:

  1. Video Doorbell
  2. Battery Operated
  3. Recordings saved either locally or in the cloud for a few days so if there was an “event” the recordings would be available for police, etc.
  4. Notifications when someone is at the door to smart devices (phone, tablet, samsung smart tv)
  5. Integration in smartthings for automation with other devices

Thanks for the guidance!

I use the Ring video doorbell version 2.
It’s out of the box compatible with ST and, with the ‘notify for movement’ option enabled I get about 4 months between battery charges (I actually have a second battery so I just swap them every 4 months or so and the ‘downtime’ is about down to 60 seconds).

Thank you Dr. Mom…does it record video if someone is within view of the camera? Does it save the video for a few days? Or do you only get a notification that lasts a few seconds?

For the Ring v2, it has customizable motion detection (so you can set it only at a certain area in front of the camera in case you are picking up the neighborhood sidewalk, street, or even a driveway).

It will send you a clip with the notification for free, but if you want it to store video, then you need a Ring Protect plan. The basic plan is $30 a year (less than $3 a month) and gives you 60 days of storage for 1 doorbell/camera (if you want multiple ring devices, you need the protect plus at $100/yr).
Live on-demand video is also available free (meaning you can connect in and watch the camera from the app live at any time).