Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor

I am curious but would " Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor" work with SmartThings? Or do you have to use this with the Ring Alarm Security kit? It has a pretty impressive outdoor range

yes, it works. It pairs as a generic z-wave device, so you have to login to the Groovy IDE and manually set it as a zwave door/window sensor. After that it works great.


@dwchan69 They work great, and they are very reliable. Not a single fault trigger, for more than a year, and still on original battery. They (second gen) are on all my windows and doors. I am using them also on double hung windows, but I had to pull magnet out of the case, to fit them the way I want. When they trigger, it is instant.

@milandjurovic71 I assume you’re referring to the indoor model? The outdoor model just came out a few weeks ago.

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Yes, indoor model
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I was referring to the outdoor model ;( In door has tons of options I could find, but very limited solution it seems for outdoor

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The ring and the zooz contact are the only outdoor models I know of. The ring one works with a wider gap between the magnet, so I went with it.

I have them both Ring Interior and Zooz Exterior sensor.

Zooz is much smaller, and what is nice it can work also sideways. I was able to fit it nicely in mailbox, and it’s invisible
Not sure about battery life for Zooz, as I got it recently. Also you will need separate silicone case to be used outside

@Automated_House Is External Ring the same size as Internal Ring sensor?

no, external ring sensor is HUGE. But its powered by two AA batteries, which is nice. Bad news is the magnet slides on to a mounting base. So if it gets bumped it can fall off…which mine has done and it’s now lost :man_facepalming:

Sensative has a completely weatherproof outdoor zwave model which works well with smartthings, but it is more expensive than the others. It’s long and slender (they have a patent on the battery technology) so it works particularly well for gates and sliding doors.

ah, yes, forgot about Sensative.

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I just ordered and paired the Ring Outdoor Contact Sensor successfully to ST.

Note the correct device type is Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor

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i would only get this if space is an issue or youre really anal about appearances because youre lucky if you get 2 years of battery life out of this thing, just forget about their advertised 10 years. And once the battery dies its a piece of garbage.It’s possible to open it up and replace the battery with any 3 volt power source, but it will no longer be waterproof and the board and components are hilariously flimsy.