Smartthings door/window sensor? What's the replacement?

Hi, I have multi-sensors on a number of doors and windows. One appears to have died, after I change the battery its saying its open when it should be closed. I don’t follow the SmartThings saga, but I believe they’re not manufactured anymore, at least I cant find them on amazon. Whats the replacement unit? IS it this?

IS the ring contact sensor compatible with ST? I like that Rings sensor takes two batteries and will last longer. But would I need to have a ring base station? I have a ring doorcam, but all my other equipment is ST.

The aeotec rebranded devices for ST should be released soon in the US if you are willing to wait a bit.

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Did you search the forum for previous discussions? Both questions have been answered multiple times…:thinking:

Anyway, the Ring contact sensor works fine with SmartThings as a basic zwave plus contact sensor if that’s all you need. You don’t use it with its own base station, you use it with the smartthings hub instead.

Otherwise you can wait for the release of the Aeotec model.