Ring Floodlight Cam

Doesn’t look like they have an Integration for the Floodlight yet? I can’t find it. My Doorbell Pro works but, not my Floodlight.

I think Ring dropped the ball on this. Still on the FAQs of their site it say that the Floodlight cam is compatible with SmartThings. I may call Ring tomorrow so they can give me the run around and tell me to call Samsung.

Same here, I’ll buy Ring today.

Any updates on this? Does it work with ST? Will it work anytime soon? Any IFTT integration available? Thanks!

Looking for updated information on this as well. At minimum would like to see it as a motion sensor in ST. Hopefully they will release something soon. I will take a look at the current Ring Doorbell code and see if I can manhandle it for the floods.

Anyone know of a way to view the code from the Ring Connected app that runs in the background for the ring camera? I doubt the integration is much different other than some new buttons/functionality. I can’t find a way to view the code that runs the doorbells.

You can use Stringify to connect both the Floodlight and Spotlight to ST.

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I bought my Ring Floodlight cam with the intention of integrating it with Smartthings… that’s when I stumbled across this page. So I sent an email to Ring and they confirmed that they have allowed integration on the Ring end but it seems as Samsung Smartthings haven’t yet intergrated on their end!! Smartthings is this true?? if so why is UK always so slow to get the good stuff! Sort it out!

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I hope Smartthings do come through for us. I have a Floodlight cam and I was hoping it had integration…

I’m looking forward to both floodlight cam and spotlight cam.

Bump. August 30th and from what Ring told me, the delay is on the Samsung side.

So the spotlight and floodlight are coming to smartthings correct, heard two different things from support.

Bumpity Bump …

So just spent some time with the Ring support folks on a separate issue I’m dealing with and asked about Flood support in ST…

They did research and it comes down to they have opened their API/System to SmartThings … its all in ST’s hands if/when it will get supported

As this is the best solution I have found (so far) for outdoor floods and cameras, I really hope they get on this :frowning:


The last update from ST was that they needed to prioritize and schedule this development on their side. It’s understandable ST is working on numerous initiatives. Would be nice if they shared the road map.


I contacted Ring support through web chat today, after reviewing their product page again about “easy connection” to SmartThings. It appears this is still not available, and we will need to continue waiting for SmartThings or someone else to come up with a solution/integration.

  • Ring Support: As far as the floodlight cam linking to smart things hub you would need to contact Samsung directly for the configuration
  • Me: but your website says it “easily connects”, if it is on samsung’s side, I would understand if Ring only said “it is compatible with”
  • Ring Support: I understand but we do not support the samsung smart things hub in our app so you will need to reach out their support directly
  • Ring Support: Well yes we are compatible but the configuration is done through samsung
  • Ring Support: I do apologize I will make sure we have someone update that on our site you will need to reach out to Samsung directly

To be fair, I also asked about some other issues/concerns and their support staff was incredibly helpful and was able to answer/solve immediately, but this issue is still open :confused:

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Ok, so the Floodlight Cam has been out for quite a while now and still NO response from SmartThings? I am really tiring of this. I am on the cusp of bailing out and heading over to Wink. Ugh.

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Does it work with Wink?

Yes it does.

Smartthings HAS to get on this. Can I make it on my Christmas wish list?