Ring adds three connected Spotlight Cams

I am very interested as well in this integration. How are you requesting these features to smartthings and ring? Do they have forums similar to this one to raise wishes ??


Friends, for those with these lights or those thinking about buying them, i have ran into a serious lack of motion detection at night, i tested the floodlight first, and then tested the spotlight cam mount and both are doing the exact same thing, during the day motion detection range is great 15-20 feet instantly detecting and recording motion, but once it gets dark, the range for motion detection drops dramatically to 4-5 feet from the camera. lights will still work and detect motion 15-20 feet. i have spent countless hours not only reinstalling the camera (hard wiring) but also with ring support working the issue live, i am getting to the conclusion this is probably an ongoing software issue. and all my hard work trying to dial in these cameras has been really a waste of my time, i have been a ring customer for a couple years , and i have always considered their support honest and helpful, but this last issue with the spotlight and floodlight is starting to change this perception about ring. Honestly, I just feel they have not being too honest about the issue, and they have made me waste so many hours, out there on the cold , getting rained on, reinstalling, resetting , etc etc, i am just shocked they have not disclosed this as a known issue, but unless i have received two dots, i think there is an ongoing software issue with night motion recording-detection, which frankly is why you buy these specific cameras fir. any other product can handle day recording just fine. Has anyone here ran into this issue ?

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So disappointed that 9 months after they were announced that there is still no official integration between Ring Spotlight Cam and ST. I went ahead an got a couple of the cameras because they had the other features I am looking for - customization of the motion detection area, supplemental lighting if desired - but I really wish I could do really “smart” things activate motion notifications only if the Smart Home Monitor is Armed or tell a camera not to activate at all when some other condition is true.

I also looked at the IFTTT channel for ring, but (almost) everything there seems to be specific to the doorbell product. I specifically chose the spotlight cam to mount with a view of the driveway and sidewalk approaching my front door as the entryway itself is narrow and what a camera can see is restricted to small area.

I know Ring was recently purchased by Amazon and Samsung is ramping up their brand promotion in SmartThings with a new app and credentials, but wondering if/when they’ll get their act together.

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Come on ST team, how about a sensible response to this question. Your platform looks less viable by the day.

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So still no support. Did either Ring or Samsung provide any input on what is the hold up?

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Would love to know this too, just purchased a spotlight cam to go with my doorbell thinking it would have similar interaction functionality, i.e. motion being able to trigger events. Really surprised to see nothing on this…

Ive noticed the same. Its probably because the motion detection is based upon seeing the object and doing a pixel bs time compare.

Check your ring smart app. It added the spotlight for me and now allows SmartThings to turn on and off the light.

It does not have the motion detection portion, like the Ring doorbell.

It is a start.

Nothing showing for me in the Ring app. Incidentally, is your spotlight cam wired or battery?

I have a wired flood light cam, and it gives me motion triggers and I can toggle the flood lights. No live view or alarm trigger yet on my side.

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Arlo and ring open up your RSTP feed. That is all.

Doubt they would ever do anything that would lose revenue from their cloud storage feeds

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Figures. Not heard of one person getting this to work with a battery model yet…

I am on wired 120VAC so you might be right about the battery.

How did you link your Ring floodlights camera with Smartthings?

go through the steps for adding one of their doorbells

If you Ring Floodlight is on your account, go back to the Ring Connect SmartApp and just add the device.

Thanks for posting.

Finally, that was some wait, over a year I see.

I see motion and light control now available, would be good to see the siren support included too, I’ll pose it to them on Twitter on the same conversation linked earlier in this thread.

We’re getting there!:+1:

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I have a spotlight camera, it won’t show up as a thing in ST nor the connect app ??
Has anyone managed have better luck please ?

battery or mains powered?