RGB Panel Lights?

I’m shopping for an RGB panel to embed in a wooden wine box. Best case features

  1. 12 x 18”, approx. I’d accept square like 10x10 if I had to!
  2. RGB
  3. Good flat/even diffuser (pretty standard for most ceiling mounted units)
  4. Flicker / fire / pattern capable. This is for ambiance lighting so “candlelight” would be amazing
  5. I’m happy with Zigbee, Zwave, or any other local capable control

I’ve found a ton of stuff on Amazon in the $50-150 range, but nothing quite hits all my needs. The hardest part is finding a rectangular (non circle) unit, which is important to me.

This is replacing some Lightify LED strips that work fine but don’t look amazing.

You could cut the Lightify strip, and solder in square shape, to something like this

I was hoping for something nicely packaged, but I might go for making my own setup like that (that’s actually what I have right now, effectively, it’s just not very pretty). Having a built-in diffuser would be very nice as these will show quite conspicuously. Thx

It’s probably more than you want to spend, but nanoleaf now has a smartthings integration, so it’s definitely an off-the-shelf solution.

The “Canvas“ model line are 6 inch squares. The starter kit has nine of them, so put together that’s an 18 in square with nine individually addressable tiles. Or 12” x 18” with three squares left over.

So I think it meets all your technical specifications, the problem is that that starter kit is $199.

So just thought I’d mention it, but I understand it might be out of budget for your project. :thinking:

If you want to break up the set, note that not only do you need a power supply for each group, you also need one “control square“ for each group, and those cost $49 each.

They sure are shiny though. :heart_eyes: