RFID Smart Things Trigger

cost $20 for the zwave door sensor on sell, rfid keypad/reader $15
Optional 12v acess controll PSU $16, 12/24v to 3.3 step down $2, Door maglock or latch lock $20.
I already have a zwave deadbolt on my house so I didn’t put that in the cost since any zwave deadbolt will work or you can hard wire in a mag-lock or a latch hooked to the door access psu.

This shows a cheap $20 zwave door sensor hooked up to a RDIF door access system from amazon/ebay.
These systems are cheap and work pretty well.

You can just run ethernet or thermostat wire to the RFId reader and put everything else in a wall box in the garage or basement.

5 wires
PUSH ( this sends high.low to the power supply to trigger the NC/Com/NO switches )
This is optional I do not use this but if you use a 12V door lock/mag lock you will want this push to trigger it on/off.

COM ( COM from/attached to RFID reader NOT power supply come )
NC ( normally closed ) or
NO ( normally open ) however you want to sensor base state to show.

I have my NC and COM. There is no voltage passthrough from the NC/NO and COM coming off the RFID reader. it just lets your sensors 2 wires make or break connection.

the NC/NO and COM on the power supply use a 12V for the NO\NC and the COM acts like a ground for the 12v+ NC/NO headers.

I have mine set so if a code or RFID ( mine came with 1 and i lost it before making this video but it was working with the RFID tag too ) gets the “good” signal it triggers the push and the NC/NO to switch and make the loop on my sensor then smart things is set to trigger the unlock of the front door lock on seeing the rfid-door sensor change status. I then have my door set to auto-lock after X minutes.

other thoughts to consider is this would probably work with a smart things water sensor since its just 2 contacts that when bridged ( supposedly with water ) change the status too. I’ve seen these as low as $15 on sell.

Also if you wire it elsewhere and run a set of wires to the keypad you could hook up all the wires on the back of the keypad even the ones not being used. Just in case anyone were to try and take it off the wall they would see a ton of wires and not even bother touching them together vs seeing 4 or 5 wires and thinking "its a 50/50 shot just touch 2 together )…


I am interested in a similar setup but want the ability to edit keypad keys from the ST app

Have you looked into using the phone to emulate an rfid tag?

No I havent, it uses 125khz rfid tags or 13.56khz tags as well.

I was also looking into instead of using the wire method like I am currently buying a cheap 12v electromagnet for $5 from amazon and hooking it to the NO ( normally open ). on the power supply ( uses 12V com/nc/no )
so when you swipe the push would switch the power on to the electromagnet for 5-20 seconds ( adjustable on the power supply ) and act like a “close” position and you could just glue/screw/tape any door sensor next to the electromagnet.

Here is the current setup I’m using
This down converts 12v to 3v to replace the battery for the door sensor.
A regulator step down would work too but this one has overtemp and over-current capabilities.

Access Control power supply.

Cheap RFID keypad ( they are all pretty much the same )

I used this sensor but I got it on a flash sale for $18
BUT this sensor looks like it would work too since it has the header for the wires/switch2

I might get this later on
they have fail safe ( unlocks without power to it ) and fail secure ( stays locked with power to it )
If you do not have a smart lock you could use this for the handle lock/strikeplate then have the rdif/door sensor trigger the smart things to turn off alarm.

they have full kits too

I’ve seen people go the other way around – have RFID tags in certain locations and when they scan the tags with their phone, they trigger actions in the house.

thats cool, if you could do that without starting an app or an app in the background.
having to pull out your phone then open an app then scan something would take just as long as entering in a key on the keypad. I might look into that later

No need to open an app, but most Android phones require the phone to be ‘on’ to scan a tag. (eg. screen powered on)

Hi, dragged this up in a search, looks awesome!

Could you please explain if I could use a rfid pad with a fibaro ubs or fibaro relay? I’d like to replace my current system, I. E.

  • battery operated zwave contact sensor closes, smartthings triggers my ‘security enabled’ routine
  • opens, triggers my ‘disarm’ routine

… With a keycard system instead.

Any advice gratefully received. Ta!