Lock/unlock door on contact sensor change?

i am wanting to use a RFID door system to lock/unlock my door. my house has a bridge about 21ft long that i have to walk over to get to the front doors.

I have the RFID system which when you swipe the rdif it opens the contact ( to a 12v single sainsmart relay ) which then hooked to a $15 zwave contact sets it as open for 5 seconds.

What would be the easiest way to make smart smart things trigger the door “unliocked/locked” on swipe just the opposite of what it currently is without using stringify or anything? is there a quick app that can do this?

So you just want to toggle the lock? That is, if the lock is locked when the contact opens then you want to unlock it, but if the lock was unlocked then you want to lock it?

Webcore should certainly be able to do that, I don’t know if @rboy has anything that does. It’s a fairly unusual use case.


Yea, I’m trying to stay away from using webcore, stringify, ifttt, alexa or some other website besides smart things… trying to stay away from having 20 external sites having control of my locks

if I could setup even to unlock on “open” status then set the door to autolock after 5 minutes or autolock on change of “closed” on the front doors door contact sensor.

There’s the app “Enhanced Auto Lock Door” in the ST marketplace under safety and security that might be what you’re looking for.

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Just as an FYI- WebCore does not RUN from the WebCore cloud, when you create a piston it deploys into ST Cloud so using WebCore will not add anything that is not already controlling your locks …

The WebCore dashboard / servers are only used to create, edit and test pistons - they get deployed like a smartapp in your ST Instance (You can see this by going to the IDE > Hub > SmartApps)


I can’t make out from your picture but are you using a Monoprice sensor? If you are using that then you can use our custom handler with the external sensor to reverse the reporting, i.e. it can convert a N/C to N/O and vice versa. That should invert your event from the sensor.


There is my finished product.

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