Unlock Schlage Lock With NFC Tags?

Not sure if this is the correct category, but hopefully my question is easy.

Is it possible to set up an NFC tag that I can scan with my phone to unlock my front door when I am home? I have a bunch of NFC tags laying around not doing anything and want to try a few things; this being my first. I want it to only work when smartthings detects my phone at home. Basically so when I park my car on the driveway, I can walk up to an NFC tag I have hidden along the wall and it’ll unlock my front door so I don’t have to enter the code every time.

I assume I could set up a routine in smartthings and find an NFC app that will work with widgets and I can set up that widget routine to work whenever I scan the tag.

The short answer is probably. You should be able to use Tasker and sharptools to accomplish this. @joshua_lyon might be able to say more. But you need to have some device, if only an android phone, to read the tag. So I’m not quite sure how that would work for the front door, if you’re already carrying your phone then why do you also want a tag?

Anyway, the following thread has some additional discussion:

Also There is a Z wave keypad by BENEXT which can read RFID tags that some people use at the front door, particularly for kids who don’t have smart phones, but it’s not going to use the existing NFC tags that you have so might not be a good fit. But I mention it just for completeness.


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Yeah, I agree…Tasker + SharpTools should do the trick. Use a widget on your phone to activate, and no need for NFC tags.


This is what I was looking for. Thanks.

To answer your question, I may have used the wrong term, but I want to use my phone to unlock my front door via NFC. In case my hands are full, which they are sometimes and so I don’t have to enter the code on the lock; I could just bump my phone against an NFC sticker and it’ll unlock the door.

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But you could also just press the widget on your phone or use IFTTT in combination with Google Assistant to have an OK Google - Unlock the doors (or similar).

I actually set that up the other day; an IFTTT with Google Assistant, but it’s not secure at all since it can be activated from anywhere. I created a routine in SmartThings that unlocks my front door only if my phone is present. With the NFC route, I can run the routine or the “thing” and add restrictions. I have it so my phone has to be home and connected to my home wifi in order for the front door to unlock. I tested it yesterday and everything is working.

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