RF Motorized Shades

Hi! I have motorized shades installed in my appartment, controlled by a remote control. I thaught I could use roomie to make it work with Smart Things, but since the motor used by my shades seems to be chineese, is not under the roomie supported items… Anyway, Im just figuring out this shades are controlled by RF and not IR, so Roomie wouldnt work in any case…

Is there any way to send comands through 433mhz with any smartthings compatible zwave device?


Look up RC-Switch arduino project. Also @ogiewon made me code and a device type to control 433mhz outlets. I’d be interested to see if you can get this working with a ST Shield.

You can also do this via a Harmony Hub and the use of virtual switches in ST. I have an oscillating tower fan with an IR remote control and I have it programmed to a an activity which allows me to tie ST actions or using IFTTT integration.

Hi thanks for your reply. Will the harmony hub be able to send 433mhz RF signas to the blinds receiver?

I am not sure about that. I would check with Harmony support on that one,

Hi! Did you have the chance to check this out? My Harmony hub is on its way.


In the other hand, do you guys something like this could work on Smartthings? This guy did it for VERA.

Instructions: http://forum.mysensors.org/uploads/upload-17387506-e377-47f3-b11c-4674aeac6d0a.pdf