Lucci fan (non DC)

I have a Faro Barcelona fan added in Domoticz using the Lucci device…

I can turn the different settings on… (low, med and high) BUT NOT OFF… :frowning:

Is there anyone here that could shed some light?

Thanks in advance!!!

Wrong community forum… :wink:

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Nope… My home is Smartthings… :yum: I resort to others as a last resort only… :sweat_smile:

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Seriously now… I use Smartthings for all the automations… But there are 2 things I can’t integrate directly… My Somfy RTS motors and my fan… Those I could integrate with Domoticz and thru a virtual Bridge (courtesy of @dudz40) import them into Smartthings… At least sort of… I can’t turn the fan off, only on…

Does the control works with Domoticz? I mean can you turn it off with that? If yes, then might be an issue with the integration to SmartThings only. If it is not working in Domoticz either, then you need to reach out there.

The main issue with your devices, Somfy and the Lucci fan are that they works with RF and not with zigbee or zwave. You need a man in the middle to do the stuff as you have Domoticz with a RFXCOM, I guess.

The easiest way to integrate the blinds into ST would be to use roller shade controllers, if the blinds have physically switches (rocker), then you can place a zwave blind controller relay between the switch and the blind and you can integrate it into ST, but really it would be the best to fit the module between the RF module and the motor, but I guess it is physically built together. But if you don’t use the RF then no problem with the previous setup as well.

The same applies for the Luci fan as well.

Maybe look at the ?Broadlink RM Pro? and its integration to SmartThings, if any, for RF control.