How to wipe SmartThings hub to return it?

I just got my SmartThings hub about 4 days ago and it’s not worked for two of those four nights. Looking back over it doesn’t seem like too frequent of an occurrence (at least as reported there), but nonetheless, I can’t rely on such an unreliable service to do the sort of things it’s intended to do, like arm my alarm, lock my doors, notify me of a flood/intruder, turn on lights when I’m away, etc. Where’s the piece of mind in knowing that my door might lock behind me when I leave the house or that my alarm might be on?

That being said, I’ve decided that if I have issues with mine again tonight I’m gonna send it back. As such, how do I wipe out the device and remove my personal information from it (i.e. factory reset) before doing so?



No need. The device doesn’t store any information. It’s all stored in the cloud.

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Perfect. Thanks for the info.

You might have just hit a bad few days … Those of us who have been connected for a long time have gone through a few “too many” periods with sketchy service, but they are becoming steadily more rare. So from a statistical perspective, you may have experienced 50% down time :scream: … and the long timers may be at 5% downtime … but over the past 4 months … maybe 2%?

We’re hoping SmartThings will publish their statistics, since that’s the best way for them to demonstrate continuous improvement.

But hope you’ve checked-in with ; as they will be able to confirm if you have some localized problem they can help resolve, or if they can explain the outage in sufficient detail to perhaps restore some peace of mind.

Those of us here that “hang-on”, do it because we know there are not very “comparable” alternatives (cost, compatibility, flexibility, openness, …), and ST is keeping these forums posted with their design and operations issues and fixes (and we share our workarounds and commiserate and celebrate together – ask us anything around here).

…CP / Terry.


I agree, it doesn’t seem like there’s many comparable solutions out there, which is why I went with ST in the first place. Maybe I’ll give it until the 7 days I have to return this thing where I got it before I do anything rash. I appreciate the input and I have already made other purchases based on compatibility with this device, so it really would be a shame to have to return them all.

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May I ask where you bought it? I didn’t know there were many (any?) retailers besides direct and Amazon…

(SmartThings support might offer you some extra time on the return, but don’t quote me on that.)

I got it from Amazon. Turns out it’s 30 days. I must have gotten confused with their price matching policy.

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Just FYI, I have seen missed notifications and scheduled events every week since last June when I came aboard. While there have certainly been times when things were worse, I have yet to see a week go by where everything works as advertised.

YMMV, But this has been my experience.