Reverse motion and no motion

I have a wired POE camera system that covers each door to our house that records to a local NVR. I was able to attach an ecolink open close sensor to the alarm out on the NVR to use as a motion sensor. My ultimate plan is to have the cameras work as the motion sensor and trigger the light that is closest to the camera come on full brightness when motion is sensed. The problem that I am running into is that the alarm out block are normally open and there is no way to change it on the NVR. When I change the sensor type to a motion sensor in the IDE The status is showing motion when there is none and no motion when it detects motion. Is there any way i can switch this? This is causing the smartapp that I plan on using to not work properly. Thank you for your help.

You can either change the action within the device handler or add in a relay between the two that would effectively reverse the physical outputs. Personally flipping the device handler would be the easy thing to do.

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Create a personal copy of the Device Type code and study it a bit. Then swap “active” / “inactive” throughout the code. I don’t recommend doing this without having a little understanding at what’s going on.

Thank you for the response. I figured I could just reverse the code but I wasn’t sure where to find the code. Is there an easy way to find code for generic devices? I googled with no luck. Thank you again!

Nothing is super easy…

  1. You can try “Creste from Template” in the IDE (I don’t even remember how many templates are provided).

  2. And/or search the GitHub repo I linked earlier.

Great thanks again for the help!

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